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Panaroma – my first attempt…

A panaromic view from the highest point of Araku, a beautiful little hill station near Vishakapatnam.Altitude: 1602m / 5250ft(Collated from an old set of photos of Vizag trip with close friends in college final year…)


Back from Axis’08

It was a reallly great week at VNIT, Nagpur giving seminars and presentations on Fedora from 24th-28th September 2008. We had only 3.5 hrs slot spread over 2 days. However, it was easily streatched to a 8 hrs slot for 3 days. It was whole lot fun. Targetted audience were mostly 1st/2nd year B.Tech students. Some 3rd/4th years were also there. My talk was on Fedora Live (presentation over here)

All the snaps are over here. More detailed report later as i need to hurry to Kolkata just now.

Congrats Abhinav Bindra!!

I just loved the Indian national anthem “Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jaya He….” orchestrate loud and ever-inspiring as it’s always on that moment of golden triumph of this young shooter. They say that it’s an individual gold for India in olympics after 3 decades. Everyone knows its’ far more credible than a team effort. I feel *great* but not as jubilant as i should be after hearing what his father had to say,

“We had used most of our savings from our business to support him for all his needs. Yeah…government did help when we asked for any help, but it should understand for winning this medal they (sportspersons & atheletes) need far more support and resources.”

Because at a global level, there is no compromise. Everyone is equal. No one will listen to the fact that in here they (shooters) get around only one-third of practice required as compared to their counterparts just because of shortage of ammos. This applies to _any_ other field…you just name it. Maybe this can pave way to one those silver linings… 🙂

Here’s the official video: 10M rifle (Men)

KDE4 released!!

KDE4 released!!

Folks mark this date ” The KDE Community is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of KDE 4.0. This significant release marks both the end of the long and intensive development cycle leading up to KDE 4.0 and the beginning of the KDE 4 era.” Read more… 🙂

Take the visual guide:

KDE4 released!!KDE4 released!!KDE4 released!!KDE4 released!!

Kmenu scrambled

Today, the KDE gave a whole lot surprise after yesterday night’s yum update initiated by ‘crond’. I couldn’t recognize kmenu (half Gnome, half KDE typo with no icons). Actually a gtk/gnome-based package was installed that caused this problem.

$ kbuildsycoca -incremental

So, this is what refreshed/rebuild the kmenu for me & its’ in place now

SpaceTime: 3D Browser Eye Candy

spacetime.jpgNew York based SpaceTime has released SpaceTime 3D, a web browser that literally takes tagged browsing 3D.

SpaceTime allows users to map out their browsing progress in a visual timeline, treating each site as an object that can be manipulated and rearranged within the 3D environment. Users can alternate between a 3D and 2D perspective as required.

SpaceTime’s search functionality loads multiple search results as a stack of separate pages, simultaneously loading 10 results at a time, each in its own window. Users can the flip through results, re-arrange the pages or manipulate them. SpaceTime search currently supports Google, Google Images, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Images, Flickr, eBay and others.

It’s difficult to describe the user experience. It’s pure eye candy, sort of like Second Life meets Firefox. As a standalone browser SpaceTime 3D lacks most of the extras you’d expect from a browser. There’s no bookmark support, there’s really nothing aside from the 3D rendering and search. I can’t see people abandoning their traditional browsers to embrace this; however the barrier to success comes not from millions of users, but from enough users to see a return through direct deals with Google and others through search affiliation fees, the same model used for Flock and Firefox.

Yeppie!! IRC on mobile

Lately i was searching for a way to be in IRC whenever i please and also my internet conection was working upto the mark!! So suddenly an idea came to my mind that why not IRC on mobile!! As usual with some googling i found a J2ME based IRC-client called jmIrc. It’s an utra cool app…u guys may check it out

jmIrc on Nokia 6070