Random Scribbles

1. The FOSS teacher training cum workshop (2nd edition) at WBSUB, Kolkata on March 13-14 was great. IDG, Susmit, Subhodip, me along with 3 other wbut-lug guys trained them about the basics of FOSS, desktop environments, openoffice, productive internet etc. Really, it was good to find school teachers getting trained in FOSS as they would have a ripple effect on their students. The sessions were exhaustive and handouts/handbooks were also distributed. The photoset is here.

2. Google Summer of Code 2009 is on and OpenStreetMap, Fedora, KDE & lots others are participating this year. Student applications have started yesterday. Head out here to open the doors of freedom. Btw, this is the 5th year (anniversary) GSoC is happening and hence the Retro 60’s logo theme. 🙂

3. Went to Burdwan yesterday for some work. But the cool thing is drove all the way (up & down 160 kms) from durgapur myself. It was fun! Never went so far considering me a newbie in driving cars.

4. Kinda pissed off that college tech-fest is not happening this year. Permission problems and all. well, a long story in itself!!


4 responses to “Random Scribbles

  1. I am sure that your fest ran into sponsorship trouble. Right?

  2. oye! thats why you were busy 😛
    Anyways congrats for this one.

  3. Arindam Ghosh

    @debayan duh! sponsorship wasn’t a problem. quite a lot of them had acknowledged the event. রিসেন্ট ঝামেলার জন্যে কলেজ পারমিশান দিচ্ছে না।

  4. Arindam Ghosh

    @subhodip not really, LOL 😀