Back from Axis’08

It was a reallly great week at VNIT, Nagpur giving seminars and presentations on Fedora from 24th-28th September 2008. We had only 3.5 hrs slot spread over 2 days. However, it was easily streatched to a 8 hrs slot for 3 days. It was whole lot fun. Targetted audience were mostly 1st/2nd year B.Tech students. Some 3rd/4th years were also there. My talk was on Fedora Live (presentation over here)

All the snaps are over here. More detailed report later as i need to hurry to Kolkata just now.


4 responses to “Back from Axis’08

  1. and why isn’t anyone consolidating a report for the mailing list ? Or, has that become passe these days ?

  2. Nice work 🙂
    Two things I want to say:
    Better to have the Fedora bubble as a clear smaller size than someway where it mixed with the background.
    liveusb-creator is having stable releases for a long time now. So, on the 19th slide what does it mean by dev-state ?

  3. @sankarshan: umm…really couldn’t help the delay 😦 Firstly, there was practically no internet access for us @ nagpur. And then just got a day of rest inbetween the two events, and the to-and-fro trips between durgapur and kolkata also took extra overhead times…


    thanks for the idea. I actually made the same presentation on a more prominent but smaller fedora bubble theme. But at that point of time, the current template seemed better 🙂

    yeah, i know about the stable release of liveusb-creator. the dev-state thingy was solely aimed at citing some areas of development and encourage them. If it doesn’t seem okay, i’ll remove that part…

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