Localization Statistics

After translation updates, I did the l10n statistics. This basically give the translators an idea of number of pending/completed strings and percentage of localization done for all locales currently supported by the app.  For this i created a Statistics table in database using migration. Now the statistics are updated when user clicks on the l10n link on his/her home page. The logic (in TranslateController#stats) is if the current language of the user is not present in the statistics table, it is added. Otherwise normally the values are updated with the help of globalize_translations table. The screen-shot of the l10n statistics,


Image #1: openstreetmap-l10n-statistics

Its’ the ‘l10n statistics’ that apears first when the translator clicks on l10n link in his/her home page. Another nifty feature is that, s/he can view the sort the l10n statistics in two ways, ‘by percentage’ or ‘by number of completed strings’ in descending order. Also, every locale has a link to the pending/completed strings page associated with the numbers.

Apart from this, i have kept this l10n statistics page (without those pending/completed strings link) visible to all users, just to motivate more of them into translation. The screenshot of user’s home page with l10n link (view rendered in bn-IN locale as you can see one string i translated for example),


Image #2: openstreetmap-user-home-bengali-partial

The difference between user/translator is done by tr_status column in user table,

0 = User
1 = Translator
2 = l10n Admin (proposed)

Todo: For now, the tr_status is updated manually. We have thought about a admin page for the l10n admin where s/he can add/remove translators, add/remove coordinators etc. Thoughts??

Please put up your comments or suggestions…


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