Globalization of views done

Today i finished commiting all the globalized views. You check them out in the svn: []. Some of the views have simply <%= "text to globalize".t -%> things and some also have <%= "Hello, %s".t(nil, -%> sprinf() like stuff. This basically means that whenever translations are available in the database, they get rendered into the pages for that particular locale. But now, the next step is to add a mechanism to feed translations and change/preference of user’s locale, which we decided to be handled by click-to-globalize plugin.

Currently, it’s giving some serious problem like []. I talked with svenfuchs in #rubyonrails to know that the latest globalize plugin has been moved to the github. Hope this will solve the problem somewhat. And also while creating a new user a nil object NoMethodError is caught by the exception. I’m looking into these for a fix ASAP. It would be great if someone can help me to sort this out.


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