Something is going wrong

I just updated some details about one of the categories of my blog, and strangely all posts (four) under that category got relisted in Planet Fedora. Timestamps of these 4 posts according to my blog are as it is since they were created. There must be some minor problem with the planet or if this is deliberately done to put every sort of latest updates then no issues really 🙂 But the thing that strikes me is that the feed is showing the actual/desirable order.

Update: I updated the feed to but it didn’t solve the problem. So now i have put in just in the .planet file of my fedorapeople account so as to let the planet choose whichever feed is okay for it. Sorry for bugging but really can’t help. Before this, there simply has been no problems. And also note that i haven’t done any tinkering with the feed settings of my blog since the times it worked well (before the new planet came into being).


4 responses to “Something is going wrong

  1. Subhodip Biswas

    use hhtp://

    it works for me

  2. It didn’t help at all…i had used it first but no respite you know. Earlier it worked well with site/feed/ format. Let me see how it goes now.

  3. You’ll find that if you look at your feed, there will be some last updated field.

  4. Status: Problem solved now 🙂