i18n in OpenStreetMap

Yesterday, as an interesting twist of events my Google SoC proposal for OSM was accepted. Its’ about “Internationalization setup of osm web pages and map tiles“. Thanks to my mentor Mikel Maron and the entire OSM community. Its’ going to be a rocking summer 🙂

Internationalization of openstreetmap have diverse aspects hidden in it ranging from web pages localization, rendering localized map tiles including rendering of complex Indic scripts. And we will take up a phased approach and see what’s possible within the stipulated timeframe.


2 responses to “i18n in OpenStreetMap

  1. What do I have to expect? Can I select the language on the osm-Webpage and see all the City and Country names in my native language

  2. You got it right. My thoughts are on those lines but as i have said it’ll have a phased approach.