FreeMapIndia2008 @ WBUT, CCU

It was a tight schedule. Back from i directly went to wbut for Kolkata edition of FreeMapIndia. In this context, we actually managed mapping around 900 kms and lots of waypoints/stations enroute Kolkata boarding Rajdhani Express. It clocked the highest speed of 131.75 kmph to be precise :). Anyways, back here it was a two day workshop-cum-seminar by Mikel & Schuyler.

So, after Schuyler explained how to use a gps device, people went out to map different parts of the city. Sushmit da, beton & me covered parts of saltlake and rajarhat. Though Indra da stayed back at univ with the osm guys. We all came back around lunch time. In post-lunch session these maps were collected and integrated on JOSM, uploaded on OSM server. There was detailed explanations on how to use josm properly; how to edit different places; how to create roads, circles & bridges; how to use yahoo maps plugin in osm; how to add images taken at waypoints etc.

Next day, was mostly dedicated to development works related to josm; plugin development; getting codes from the osm svn repository. Also different positions of kolkata were placemarked by different peoples. There were talks regarding the map rendering engines and some real time demonstration of errors with google maps. Mikel also advised us some possible project ideas; a quick introduction to rails. It was whole lot of fun.

FreeMapIndia2008 @ WBUT, CCU

FreeMapIndia2008 @ WBUT, CCU

More photos: Flickr freemapindia2008


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