Add the country word list in KHangman

After burning some midnight oil yesterday, I finally completed the first cut of my presentation regarding “lets add a country word list in khangman”… you will definitely find this interesting. Download it from here. Also please post the much needed comments & suggestions for improvement.

Add the country word list in KHangman

Update: Just to give an insight of what’s happening inside KHangman is that, to integrate a word list or a category into it, we need to create a kvtml file. A snapshot of a sample kvtml file is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE kvtml SYSTEM "kvoctrain.dtd">


<t>the land of gods</t>


<t>the land of rising sun</t>



Have fun!! 🙂

See you at 2008, New Delhi.

Add the country word list in KHangman


4 responses to “Add the country word list in KHangman

  1. Some kind of excellent hangman game. I really enjoyed it, always funny !

  2. Yeah!! KHangman is really a nice game. And now you can put up new word lists / categories with this tutorial…

  3. Indranil Das Gupta

    please put up the example kvtml file on your blog as well

  4. yup!! done 🙂