Localized (বাংলা) version of kgeo presentation :)

I finally finished up the bangla version of my kgeography presentation “চলো আমরা ভারতবর্ষের ম্যাপ এ্যাড করি…”. Download it from here.

Localized (বাংলা) version of kgeo presentation :)

Please put up any comments or suggestions for improvement (including বানান ভূল/spelling mistakes also) 🙂

Crosslink: The english version “Add maps into kgeography”


3 responses to “Localized (বাংলা) version of kgeo presentation :)

  1. Ashoke R Thakur

    4 slide salgraha to be corrected to sangraha
    5 udo to be udaharan
    6 superimpose to be opore chapao
    7 ki bhabe kchapabo to replace sentence opore spelling
    11 nie instead of chayan

  2. Nice work …dude …keep it up

  3. Arindam Ghosh

    Thanks for you prompt review….corrected those mistakes