Add the map of India into kgeography…

As a follow-up of my last post Insight into KGeography, I would like to publish the completed release of my presentation regarding “lets’ add the map of India in kgeography”. Download it from here. Also, do post any comments or suggestions for improvements.

Add the map of India into kgeography...

Have fun!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 🙂

Update: Here’s the first cut of the bangla (বাংলা) version of this presentation. Though its’ still half-complete, have a look. Will post the completed version soon. Download it from here. Also, post much needed comments & scope of improvements.

Btw, had some rough times with openoffice. The theme which i used in the original presentation won’t render bangla fonts. So, i had to recreate lot of thing all over.


7 responses to “Add the map of India into kgeography…

  1. this is much-o better… now do a translation of the slides into Bengali!

  2. Good work young man – could you also ask for suggestions for improvement on your work ? 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot!! Well i updated the post for suggestions and “yep” the bangla version of the slides will be up soon…

  4. nice work …. give ashout if you need help

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