Upgraded to Fedora 8 (Werewolf)…

Finally, I upgraded my system to Fedora 8. Thanks to exams, it’s been pretty late 🙂 Well some of the cool features which I just loved: online-desktop's bigboard

  1. Online Desktop: It’s awesome!!
  2. PulseAudio Volume Control: Multitple volumes for multiple apps and amazing sound quality.
  3. compiz, compiz & compiz…..it was never this good!!
  4. Increased utility of the Control Center. I mean that simply by the right menu of the mouse we change not only desktop background, also theme, icons, and all those stuffs.

Well some of the apps which i already tested so far are:

  1. Internet: Firefox, Pidgin, Empathy (for empathy sort according to status wasn’t doing good), Xchat, Skype (2.0 beta is not working as it hasn’t got pulseaudio integration as yet, though the 1.4 is working).
  2. Sound & Video: Amarok, K3b & mPlayer rocks.
  3. Office: Ooo 2.3 is working fine.
  4. Text editors: vi (my fav) and gedit are ok.
  5. Development: Qt4, Sun J2EE, JBoss, Eclipse till now worked perfectly.
  6. Graphics: Gimp 2.4.2 and F-Spot are refreshed.
  7. All other packages are updated & its’ whole lot new!

There are hundreds of other packages. Will post about them later. Another notable thing is the Fedora-Packager groupinstall (containing all the scripts and koji, bodhi clients needed by me). Cheers!!

Btw, one weird thing is happening! Planet Fedora doesn’t seem to sync the headings of my blog posts properly. I’m in a blue of what is going on. I checked the RSS feed of my blog. It seemed perfect. Dunno whats’ going wrong 😦


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