Yesterday members of Waag Society and AID India (as well as its’ USA chapter) came down with Indranil Dasgupta at Bijra High School to have a look at LTSP implmentation over there.

Fout of them!

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Anyways, what really interested me is waag.org. Based at Netherlands, ‘Waag Society’- mission was to make new media available for groups of people that have little access to computers and internet, thus increasing their quality of living. Over years it grew as a society to provide technology to social and cultural needs of the people.

What’s the difference? Difference lies in the form factor of the products/projects delivered, their creativity and utility. CREATIVITY is what I liked most…have a look at their website:

waag.org projects page

Well some of the interesting projects they are working on are Scottie, FRUX, Mobile Math, You and your nieghbourhood etc.


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