I caught some bad fever (max: 102 degF) for last four days (thanks to diwali). So much so that today, I couldn’t even go to LTSP implementation at Bijra High School. I can’t cycle down 6 kms. in this condition. My bad!

My friends called me on landline (BSNL) as well as on cellphone repeatedly. Both of them were out of order. I can’t even inform them that i am sick and so i won’t come. They were at a loss whether i will come or not. NONE of us are to blame over here. Guess what it’s the freak-i-ness of the telecom service in India that has created this problem. This is not an isolated event. Or I’m not writing this bcoz i missed one phone call. Its’ an ordeal of one and all. Everyday someone somewhere faces same sort of problem.

I must say, i applied for an BSNL Dataone broadband internet connection on Feb ’07. To my horror, they gave me the connection on 17th September 2007 to be exact. I have already spent 2000 bucks for it and had really nothing to do. They kept on deferring to next month. But please don’t be happy that anyways i finally got the connection. I pay 500 bucks per month but i have got live connection for only 30 out of 60 days, i.e., half the time. Right now, no connection for for last 20 days (from 25th October to be precise). I put on regular complaints about this to them, sometimes on IVRS or in person at others. Sometimes they say ‘they are trying‘ & if I tried to put some pressure, ‘you can always withdraw your connection‘. After all, how much time does it take to set up a internet connection (more than a year?).

One day a computer engineer working at BSNL even told my father “I don’t want to go into debate how much internet is required for a CSE student (like me)“. I feel internet is one of the best teacher available at your disposal. I just want that i must get the services properly for which i pay. Though the cell phone is fixed now after a few hours, BSNL internet seems to be a distant dream….Think how frustrated i’m that in this kind of health i came down to a cyber-cafe to jot this down!


2 responses to “Sick!!

  1. Its very pity…about your problem…..BSNL must sack those typical computer engineers

  2. Finally from yesterday i’m getting a pretty stable and descent connection. God knows what took them so long (1.5 months)!!

    But after all, its christmas time……yeppie!!