First Fedora Packaging!!

I completed packaging Sirius – Othello game for GNOME. I have out up a review request in Bugzilla. Bug id is #287801. Sirius is a program for playing the game of othello. The program includes an AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponent which plays at a very challenging level and is actually quite hard to beat. The AI opponent’s strength can therefore be adjusted in several ways to give you a suitable opponent. I would like to have a sponser for this so that i can get it into the Fedora repository. The spec file and the SRPM are over here:


Now i am also facing a problem while doing “ssh -v makghosh [at] fedorapeople [dot] org”. I could not access the server. And what is GSS failure…Please help!! The debuginfo is given here:


Update: The issue mentioned above is resolved. It’s a mere bandwidth problem. The poor airtel gprs connection was unable to do an ssh. Now, that i have got the BSNL Dataone Broadband connection…life has become quite easy!! Anyways, two of my packages for Fedora are:

  1. gURLchecker: Bug #293971
  2. sirius: Bug #287801

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