A new outlook…

Last Saturday, I went for a rather hitch-hike trip to CCU. So eventually, I got to slip in to the 2nd Linux InstallFest of wbut-lug supported by ilug-cal. The theme of the fest was quite similar to the first one. We had 27 students attending the program. Amongst organizers/volunteers there were Indranil Das Gupta, Sushmit Shannigrahi, Debarshi Ray, Abhishek Dutta etc. The only big difference was the program was delivered in more matured format. And the volunteer team this time also consisted of some people who were the students in the first version of the event. Amazing!! We covered following things:

      1. Installation of F7 in WBUT systems (IBM Lab) as well as some home desktops & laptops. We actually did a network installation from a local repository server created by Sushmit da.
      2. Showed them how to do a yum install/update.
      3. Showed them how to play music, movies etc. All these were shown on a projector and they did as shown on their machines.
      4. They even played OpenArena. Obviously one SIS-video driver based machine couldn’t play it because the libraries for 3D rendering are not yet there for SIS drivers.
      5. Then they also enjoyed the look and feel of compiz.
      6. Also they saw how easily cellphones & digicams are detected in Linux. We tested with a Canon EOS DSLR camera and a Motorola ROKR E6.

      The program was wrapped up around 8:30 pm.


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