Shutdown module in Fl_TeacherTool

In the recent implementation of LTSP for Bijra School Project (in the ambience of WBUT LIbrary) we have used Fl_TeacherTool for global control over all the terminals. Now I found that in Fl_TeacherTool we can do everything except Shudown/Reboot the terminals. These two things we have to run from command line using #ltspinfo (ltspinfo) which is a module that comes with the LTSP iso. But for people over there in the school (even for the teachers over there) it is a difficult job to run ltspinfo from shell. So i thought of designing a good UI for this and integrate it with the Fl_TeacherTool. I am writing down a shutdown module for Fl_TeacherTool in Qt. The core thing is that I will insert a Shutdown/Reboot button in Fl_TeacherTool and that in turn will open a GUI. A screenshot is given as follows:

Shutdown Module!!

This is just the basic structure of the module. Now, I will work on the following things:

  1. Replace the text box based input with a dropdown menu in which we can select one out of the currently logged in terminals. But, this will be done only after the text box-based one works fine.
  2. Add Shutdown/Reboot button in Fl_TeacherTool. The dialog can work independently quite well. But its integration with Fl_TeacherTool needs lots of work.
  3. Link all the events properly.
  4. Also work on the look and feel of the GUI.

Last but not the least, I chose Qt for this because it can do cross-platform jobs efficiently.


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  1. Rashadul Islam

    its awesome