LTSP Training @ WBUT

It was great pleasure to take part in the LTSP training at WBUT under the able guidance of Indranil Das Gupta (CTA, L2C2 Technologies) and Prof. A. R. Thakur (VC, WBUT). I actually went to Kolkata to do summer training on Java. And it turned out to be a boon. I have been using Linux (Fedora) for past 2 years. But still i had a wish to learn all the internals of Linux as well as the FOSS world properly.

Now, my local LUG, dgplug is supporting a Bijra School Project. To give it an introduction, it is an attempt to teach school kids desktop level usage of Linux in a localized manner. The entire teaching is done in Bengali. The main problem over here is lack of resource.

So in order to support this, ilug-cal and WBUT helped us a lot in this venture (provided us one LTSP server and four terminals). Anyways, we started out setting up LTSP in this client-server model. For me, the beginning was quite…don’t know how to descibe. I was standing in front of WBUT when i first physically met Indra da. I was a bit shaky but still introduced myself. After that things started get going. We worked continuously for 21 days. We worked even on Sundays averaging around 8 o’clock in the evening. It was really interesting as well as fun. Also it was sometimes full of brick-bats whenever we did anything wrong 😉 .

All of us at WBUT....and our setup!!

What I learnt? I dont want to talk literature over here…But i thing i must tell that i didn’t knew when i was addicted to Linux. Indra da gave lots of inspiration & motivation. I came to know how works are carried out in Linux world. And the exit interviews were great. My friends namely Swagnik and Subhodip were also fine. I am currently seriously working on python and shell scripting.

Last of all, we had food, fun & frolic togather. Sometimes we went nuts. We were the first batch of the Nije Sikhi initiative. Awesome beginning…

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