Playing audio in LTSP workstations

Generally NASD is the oldest as used in Unix terminal server environments, being replaced by ESD and aRts with Gnome and KDE respectively. However both ESD and aRts are no longer supported and quite buggy and application developers are moving to using ALSA as it supports software mixing without needing a separate daemon.

Some of you may find that when you go from LTSP 4.1.1 to LTSP 4.2, sound either no longer works, or you have some clients that you know have drivers for Linux, but you still cannot get them going. Perhaps they are newer clients with newer sound drivers?

Part of the problem may be that LTSP 4.2 started pushing the 2.6 kernel back to the thin client, and while the 2.4 kernel used OSS drivers by default, the 2.6 kernel uses ALSA drivers. Thus, any manufacturer taking the time to write sound drivers for Linux today, will most likely produce only an ALSA driver and not an OSS one.

DOWNLOAD the latest LTSP-esd-alsa tarball package for Fedora 7 (tested).

Update: Here are some of the screenshots to edit the sound preferences to select the ESD sound daemon:

Sound Preferences

Now here are some screenshots in which we changed the sound preferences of different multimedia players:

1. Audacious: Select eSound Output Plugin as the Current Output Plugin

    Screenshot-Audacious Preferences


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